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Daddy RAZ

Coach Raz

My Story


One of the founders of Perth's legendary breaking crew "Systematic Crew" established in the 90's. Raz has helped to pave a path allowing street dancers to earn a living from their craft and earn a sense of respect and responsibility in the community. From busking on Perth’s streets to now over 20yrs experience in Music/Dance and mentoring, the crews vast experience has landed them on local and worldwide stages either dancing/mcing or choreographing for (to name a few) AMI Music Awards, X Games, Telethon, numerous touring festivals/ international artists, and broadcasted television shows around the world. Through experiences learnt from the art of hip hop Raz has developed an unrivalled craft at Bridging The Gap; fusing a pathway between a street dance and the corporate world. Bridging The Gap further transcends into bridging differences in all aspects within the community and later became the name by which Raz and Viv run their community dance events - BTG (Bridge The Gap)


Over the last decade, Raz also turned his attention to the film industry. In 2013 he established S Productions, a family owned company with vastly growing success. S Productions have been busy filming various advertising campaigns with clientele including Mercedes, Porsche, Relationships Australia, Surge and South 32 to name a few . Razs' video creativity continues to serve the community with several passion projects, and family videos which was fundamental in securing success with The Lavers video campaigns. His work with today’s youth is focused on the development of each individual inspiring them to help realise the positive possibilities the world has on offer with the correct guidance.

Coach Raz is also Coach Daddy to Vivica who has retained her State Breaking Champion title and is an Olympic 2024 hopeful when the sport debuts in Paris. Vivicas first onstage performance, and first breaking battle was alongside her dad and have set in stone a history that will be cherished forever.

Outside of coach mode, with the family there’s always dancing, challenges or teaching the girls all about music. Whilst always hoping to leave a legacy of the best dad possible.