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Our Story

The Lavers phenomenon was launched out of Covid 19 lockdown! The family consists of Dad (Raz) Mum (Lady v) – both previously dancers and currently teaching mentoring youth, as well as hosting community dance events- and Daughters Vivica (Baby V) and Raziah (Babyz)- Vivica is the reigning WA Junior Breaking State Champion who also enjoys and specialises in various dance and acro styles, whilst free-spirited Raziah is starting to follow in her footsteps enjoying breaking and other dance styles.

The Laver's are a regular Aussie family who shares some common interests, and so during covid lockdowns really felt the need to hold onto and foster those bonds. Generally in The Laver household is filled with flips, music, dancing some madness, and laughter so when Channel 7 created the Telethon #DancingTogether challenge the family decided to welcome the public into “their house” with their video submission. Ultimately the Beetlejuice-inspired video was selected as the winner. With a visit from Fat Cat and a prize of a $2000 gift card, Vivica announced the prize would immediately be donated back to Telethon. The family were invited to and performed in October 2020 at Telethon on the main stage live TV broadcast and onstage at the family fun day Optus Stadium.

A short time later when Channel 7 and Simon Cowell announced a new online competition for Australian Families Got Talent, The Lavers got together once again to submit an entry video. Simon Cowell handpicked their camping-inspired video with a clever take on The Man from Down under soundtrack, as the final winners of Australian Families Got Talent 2020. Mr. Cowell subsequently invited them to be flown to Sydney to participate in the TV show Australia's Got Talent 2021. Two days before flying to Sydney to film in June 2021 a Covid outbreak occurred so production has been postponed to 2022.

Aside from competing and performing The Lavers run free instructional videos on Youtube, an idea created by their daughter Vivica. At 7 years of age, she approached her parents and stated she wanted all kids "no matter their background, to have the opportunity to learn the cools things I get to do". From here the "In The Circle" free breaking and acro classes were born. Through their content and performances, the ultimate family goal is to bring heartfelt connections to their audience. The Lavers have a strong common focus on giving back whether that be through community engagement or bringing smiles to faces through entertainment, empowering others to bridge the gap between their apprehensions and aspirations is all a driving force behind all they do. Especially during such uncertain times, the ability to make a positive impact no matter how big or small results in heartfelt appreciation from each family member.


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